Workshops with Androsia Wilde

We’re so excited to partner with our sponsor, Pole Coven, to offer two workshops from our Science Friction headliner, Androsia Wilde! Workshops will run on Sunday June 30th from 1:00pm-4:30pm at Pole Coven, 715 Yates St 3rd Floor, Victoria, BC. Individual workshops are $30 each, or take both for $50!

Accessibility Note: The Pole Coven studio is located on the 3rd floor and accessed via stairs, and there is unfortunately no elevator available.

Teasin’ Stories: Narrative In Burlesque

1:00pm – 2:30pm

Burlesque is more than shimmies, shakes, bumps, and grinds!- it’s an opportunity to use our lived experiences, passions, artistic choices [and yes, our bodies!] to craft a narrative for our eager audiences to consider and enjoy. Combining her years as a nerdlesque performer with an educational focus in dissecting narratives in multimedia, [and coming from a cultural lineage of storytellers herself!] join Androsia Wilde for a deep exploration into how she considers, creates, and adapts narratives into her burlesque practice – and how you can do the same regardless of the type of act!

Bring a pen and notepad to start fleshing out your own narrative inclusions into your future concepts – there will also be time for Androsia to help narratively punch-up existing acts!

Buss’ A Whine!

3:00pm – 4:30pm

A ‘whine’ is a series of rhythmic hip gyrations with a decidedly Caribbean flair- sometimes fast, sometimes slow, always enticing to watch, no matter who’s doing it! In this open-level cardio class, let Androsia Wilde lead you through the history and importance of whining to the Afro-Caribbean diaspora, as well what makes a good Caribbean whine when dancing- with isolations, technique variations and tempo-drilling to get you in touch with your core, loosen up your hips and work up a sweat!

Whining is for everyone!- this class is open to all gender identities. Bring comfortable clothing and water to hydrate yourself. Shoes are not required!

About Androsia Wilde

Androsia Wilde [she/her] is the perfect tropical cocktail – a generous pour of burlesque’s glitz and tease, splashed with the intoxicating and rhythmic flavours of The Bahamas. This Daughter of Starlight and Seafoam’s performing journey spans over 3,000 miles- from the Island Paradise of her birth, to the Pacific Northwest she now calls ‘home’, and has taken her through the realms of alternative modeling, martial arts, immersive theatre, acting for television, and dance.  With a decade of experience as a performer, instructor, producer and emcee under her skirts, Androsia sets stages ablaze with acts that deflty combine her love of storytelling with the personal pride in her Afro-Caribbean heritage.